The company was formed as a result of the merger of established logistics companies. Since October 1st 2013, it has been operating as an equity joint venture between >redmail Logistik & Zustellservice GmbH distribution service provider and ‘DER STANDARD' daily newspaper.

Connect724 stands for top performance in press release distribution, day after day: alongside other logistics services, daily house deliveries of various printed media, such as daily papers and magazines, silent trade, i.e. the filling of dispenser boxes with free papers for instance, as well as the distribution and subsequent collection of ‘eco boxes' in Vienna, are among the core services offered by connect724.

Its strategic policy comprises the provision of excellent service on the one hand, and the development of innovative strategic business units, such as 'Hausbrot' [home-made bread], the breakfast delivery service in Vienna, on the other hand.

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Formation: 2013

Employees: 120

Did you know that...

  • connect724 delivers about 30,000,000 daily and weekly papers as well as other printed products to subscribers annually?
  • connect724 delivers 999 out of 1000 dailies precisely to their destinations, whilst the error rate of comparable US-American and German delivery services is twice as high?
  • connect724 delivers 400,000 printed media to dispenser boxes daily?
  • connect724 puts out approximately 50,000 coin-operated self-service bags for a period of 24 hours every weekend? The distance travelled by delivery agents is equal to at least one complete circumnavigation of the Earth.
  • if all the self-service bag units were spread out, they would cover a piece of ground roughly the size of one and a half football pitches?
  • connect724 empties about 936,000 coin-operated self-service bags per year? The coins weigh a total of about 15 tonnes.


Managing director
Martin Kneschaurek

Mag. Horst Jungmann


connect724 GmbH
Perfektastraße 86
1230 Wien
Tel +43 / 1 / 769 65 20 - 0
Fax +43 / 1 / 769 65 20 - 130​

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