Double lead for the WIENERIN

As of now, Daniela Schuster and Mareike Steger are the new editors-in-chief of the lifestyle magazine WIENERIN. For several years, both have been active as heads of departments of this print publication, which boasts the widest circulation of those published by Styria Multi Media Ladies.

Mareike Steger has been WIENERIN's deputy editor-in-chief since 2009. She was born in Hannover, studied German and politics, and began her journalistic career working for Brigitte, the Financial Times Deutschland, Der Standard and Brand eins online. After moving to Vienna in 2007, she started to work as editor for the Austrian daily Der Standard.

Born in Germany, Daniela Schuster holds a degree in German studies and trained as a clinical linguist. After working as editor for the WAZ media group, she moved to Vienna and, in 2000, started to work as editor and chief copy editor for the society and lifestyle magazine miss. After two years as WIENERIN's deputy editor-in-chief, she became editor-in-chief already once in 2008; she has been chief copy editor since 2010.

Mareike Steger will be primarily responsible for integrating print media into digital processes as well as managing contents in view of a highly differentiated and brand-typical Internet presence of Daniela Schuster will focus on print editions, which boast a wide circulation.

Karen Müller, managing director of Styria Multi Media Ladies: "I'm very glad to be able to leave editorial management in such good hands. Not only because they both know their craft perfectly well. They are acquainted with WIENERIN's DNA too, have identified with its essence and defined its themes for years. I look forward to a "new" WIENERIN with Mareike Steger and Daniela Schuster".