Digital Services Department (Styria medijski servisi d.o.o.)

Business unit Styria Digital Services employs top Croatian Web designers, Frontend developers, Web and Mobile developers with extent knowledge and experience of working on the Content Portals.

Main idea was to create a Croatia based expert center for Digital Development and Digital Business Operations. We are specialized in development and maintenance of Content Portals, Mobile Portals and Applications. Our Portals are on top in Croatian market with page visits and business results. Providing daily upgrades combined with the latest technological advancements, we continually achieve an increase in page visits and other digital metrics. Our major focuses are user’s experience, content delivery and monetization of digital channels.

In 2015 we have formed a Data Science Unit with a goal of developing advanced Machine Learning models for Data Science in the field of Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision. Combining modern methods in software development – Agile – with the latest scientific breakthroughs in Machine Learning, this Unit has a capacity of building models and prototypes fast according to client’s requests and implementing them into production systems. From a hardware point, the whole development is based on the strongest GPU cluster in Croatia that insures top of the line performance and availability. We have proven record of successful projects out of which we consider our biggest accomplishment the first in the World deployment of Visual search engine for online classified ads. First implementation was to the largest Austrian classified ads service Willhaben.

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data & facts

Data & facts

Formation: 2005

Employees: 50


Managing director
Nikša Gopčević

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