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The fact that the Styrian symbol of militant liberalism and discriminating middle classes was founded in 1848, the very year of revolution, fits perfectly with what distinguishes 'Die Presse': unconditional dedication to high quality journalism, the largest network of correspondents among all Austrian media, commitment to tolerance, intellectual openness and internationalism. All of this combined with the most comprehensive reporting on business, culture and politics, the weekend supplement 'Spectrum' as well as the 'Presse am Sonntag'. As one would expect for the 'Die Presse' brand, the spotlight is on high quality content for DiePresse.com. The news service of the 'Presse' is one of the largest and most innovative in Austria and offers the latest news based on 24h reporting - online and mobile. With more than 300,000 downloads and an average user rating of 4.5 stars, the news app of the 'Presse' is number 1 among Austrian news apps. Every morning from 1am, the ePaper of the 'Presse' makes it possible to leaf through the latest print edition. Moreover, 'Die Presse' is also present in social media like Facebook and offers its readers the familiar edge on quality there too. In 2015 'Die Presse' was voted Austria's top journalism team of the year for the forth time in a row.

Editorial policy: Independently of political parties, 'Die Presse' represents liberal middle class opinion at an upmarket level. The paper defends the rule of law and parliamentary democracy based on the multi-party system.

'Die Presse' dedicates itself to the foundations of social justice alongside the maintenance of citizens'  personal responsibility, the protection of private property alongside the observation of obligations to society, the foundations of social market economy, free enterprise and competition on merit. It defends fundamental freedom and human rights whilst combating all efforts aimed at endangering these freedoms and rights or democratically constitutional social order . 'Die Presse' sees it as its professional journalistic duty to inform its readers objectively and as thoroughly as possible about all events of general public interest. For 'Die Presse' daily paper, delivering an opinion and exercising criticism are both its task and its inalienable right.


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Market share, print

Readers: 317,000

Reach: 4.2 %

Source: Media-Analyse 2019, based on readers per edition

Sold circulation: 68,206

Source: ÖAK Jahresschnitt 2019, Mo-Sat

Distribution area: national

Frequency: daily

Market share, print "Die Presse am Sonntag"

Readers: 322,000

Reach: 4.3 %

Source: Media-Analyse 2019, based on readers per edition

Sold circulation:  83,253

Source: ÖAK Jahresschnitt 2019, sundays

Distribution area: national

Frequency: Sundays

Market share, online

Unique Clients: 1.678.763

Visits: 6.012.732

Page Impressions: 23.676.682

Source: ÖWA 2019


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