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Week by week bringing a sense of direction along with analysis and background. 'Die FURCHE', Austria's sole national quality weekly paper, addresses the important questions of our time, thereby ploughing a furrow through Austria's intellectual landscape since its foundation in 1945, the year of a new beginning . The paper sees itself as a forum for debates with a scope as wide-ranging as possible, its aim being to contribute to forward-looking thinking, belief and action. For this, 'Die FURCHE' not only strives to be up to date but also deals in depth with topics. It does not comply with the conventional obligation to procure information quickly, rather it seeks to cultivate a sound broadening of horizons.

Fundamental direction:

As a 'weekly paper covering society, politics, culture, religion and business', 'Die Furche' addresses  relevant societal issues. In this context, it acknowledges its duty to deliver high quality journalism.
Independent of political party or other group interests, 'Die Furche' champions a democratic and constitutionally protected social order based on justice, freedom and solidarity, as well as respect for and protection of fundamental freedoms and human rights.
'Die Furche' considers itself to be a quality paper reflecting a Christian world view, aiming to offer its readers an intellectual and spiritual platform as well as encouraging aids to orientation, whilst maintaining its clear dedication to tolerance and internationalism. It avows itself emphatically to the nation of Austria, a collective Europe and the development of a globalised world founded on justice and equal opportunity.

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Readers: 80,000

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Frequency: weekly

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'DIE FURCHE' was founded in 1945 by Friedrich Funder, with the aim of contributing to intellectual and spiritual reconstruction, (party-)political reconciliation along the lines described in "Gespräch der Feinde" [conversation between enemies] (© Friedrich Heer, himself a significant figure in 'Die FURCHE' for decades).

1976: entry of Styria publishing under then chief executive Hanns Sassmann, who thus became the saviour of 'Die FURCHE' which, following the disruptions (including commercial) of preceding years, was practically on the brink of collapse.
1976–1978:  Editor-in-Chief Felix Gamillscheg
1978–1984: Editor-in-Chief Hubert Feichtlbauer
1984–1994: Editor-in-Chief Hannes Schopf
1995–2001: Editor-in-Chief Heiner Boberski
2001-2008: Editor-in-Chief Rudolf Mitlöhner
October 2007: relaunch of online presence
2008-2012: Editor-in-Chief Claus Reitan
2008: fresh comprehensive relaunch by Art Director Dario Santangelo
January till June 2013: editorial management Rudolf Mitlöhner, Oliver Tanzer
Since July 2013: Editor-in-Chief Rudolf Mitlöhner


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Nicole Schwarzenbrunner


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