Croatian daily 24sata launches digital subscription offer

Following the success of "Presse" and Kleine Zeitung in Austria, STYRIA Media Group has now also launched a paid service for journalistic online content in Croatia. With "PLUS +," 24sata aims to attract digital subscribers with immediate effect. Editor-in-chief Goran Gavranović explains how.


Leading Croatian STYRIA daily 24sata is getting active in the reader and user market: users of the new "PLUS +" subscription are to receive more extensive content tailored to the wishes and needs of Croatian readers, offering them various additional benefits.

"We want to add new value to the best content we deliver every day, the fastest and most accurate news, analysis, reports, commentaries, the best video reports and live broadcasts," says 24sata editor-in-chief Goran Gavranović (picture).

He emphasizes that everything that was previously free, i.e. all essential news, will continue to be free for all 24sata users. But the added value, with more in-depth stories, will have a plus, i.e. will be chargeable. This is already the practice of many other media companies, such as Kleine Zeitung or "Presse" in Austria, where that paywall is called "Premium".

Gavranović speaks of a "wealth of exclusive content" that his experienced team will add for this purpose: "Of course, we are embarking on an adventure," says the editorial director, but it will be "the best journey of my life." He invites all users of 24sata on this journey. Currently, the digital service costs 39 kuna per month, which is just over five euros.

The project is led by 24sata Digital Subscription Manager Vanja Prahić, who together with his colleagues Vladimir Knežević, Digital Product Development Manager, Dragan Jeličić, Director of Product Development & Performance Department, and Alen Galović, Deputy Editor-in-chief, got the whole project off the ground.

Gavranović: "Of course, we thank all colleagues from 24sata who, together with Styria IT Solutions and Styria Digital Development, contributed with their efforts to realize the vision of the project as good as possible."