Corporate Citizenship

Applied Ethics: Styria Ethics

In the complexity of modern societies, ethical issues are becoming more important in public discussions. But ethics can only serve as an orientation for individual and social life if its principles and maxims are evaluated constantly, communicated professionally, and followed consequently. Against this background the Styria Media Group has entered into an exclusive and limited co-operation with the FH JOANNEUM (Institute of Journalism and Public Relations (PR)).



Palliative Care: Styria Care

Palliative care is intended to sustain the quality of life of patients and their families who are faced with a life-threatening illness. The Styria Media Group, which pays special attention to human dignity advocates a culture of trust and is committed to palliative care.

In the field of palliative care, the Styria Media Group has entered into a co-operation with the hospital Krankenhaus der Elisabethinen in Graz. The aim of this partnership is information and creation of public opinion on the topic palliative care/hospice care and the further development of the emphasis on Palliative Care.


Voluntary Involvement: Styria Fund

Without the many volunteering men and women, our society would have a different, colder face. People who work voluntarily and with conviction for a good cause support the society. The Styria Media Group recognises and promotes voluntary and social involvement.

The Styria Fund has been established by the Styria Media Group to find out about the voluntary social commitment of its employees, to acknowledge it and to support it financially. Employees who are voluntary helpers can apply for financial support for Non-profit Organisations and social projects helped by them personally.