The relationship between employee and management as success factor

A central aspect of a "Great Place to Work" is good collaboration between employees and management. Thus Styria Media Group jointly developed a specific management approach. It is based on challenge, feedback and support and will be a guide for everyday activities and interaction between management and employees.

challenge feedback support


Demanding but not overtaxing tasks or experiences make it possible for people to enter into a learning mode and thus to develop further. Such challenges must be coordinated in line with individual potential in order to have a motivating effect and so that people can relate to them.


Feedback is important, because it informs both employees and managers about their current position. Feedback informs about personal strength and weaknesses, level of performance and efficiency.


Everybody needs support, when taking over challenging tasks, since this is always accompanied by a process of change. Support can consist of being given resources and freedom in order to achieve our goals (e.g. training & development, stimulating company culture, managers as role models).