bz-Wiener Bezirkszeitung

Since 1983, the ‘bz' or ‘Wiener Bezirkszeitung' has been present on the Viennese market. The ‘bz' is delivered to households in the 23 districts of Vienna and has achieved a very good position among the plethora of papers in Vienna.

What makes the ‘bz' so attractive? It's just the right mix of local district information and latest news that's relevant for the whole of Vienna. Alongside the main edition, the ‘bz' also has 23 district editions, distributed among the Viennese municipal districts. Alongside reporting on matters reaching across district boundaries, items of local relevance to respective districts are placed in the foreground.

A company of the Regionalmedien Austria AG (joint venture of the Styria Media Group AG and the Moser Holding AG).

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data & facts

Market share, print

Readers: 391.000

Reach: 24,3 %

Source: Media-Analyse annual average 2020, based on readers per edition, Vienna

Distributed circulation: 576,888

Source: Verlagsangabe. Print-Auflage der bz-Wiener Bezirkszeitung 2020, Stand 12/2019.

Distribution area (23 local editions): 
published in structure of Vienna's districts

Frequency: weekly (We/Tu)

Market share, online

Reach: 381.000 Unique User

Source: ÖWA-Plus 4. Quartal 2019: Belegungseinheit 


Managing director

Gerhard Riedler


Nicole Gretz-Blanckenstein


bz-Wiener Bezirkszeitung GmbH
Weyringergasse 35
1040 Vienna
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