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BusinessPeople gives a face to business. Big sharks, little fish, big players and elusive people pulling strings. Thinkers and doers, lone wolfs and networkers; they all drive enterprises forward. This is precisely what makes BusinessPeople unmistakable and unique.
BusinessPeople reveals the really rich and powerful, the climbers and lobbyists, their successes and defeats, their secrets large and small, along with the country's influential whispering advisers, whom one should be sure to know in order to join in discussions of Austrian business. Indeed, business up-close and personal! With its helpful and evidently intellectual standards, BusinessPeople focuses on the valuable questions surrounding success and its associated lifestyle.
With its relaunch in 2005, four principal themes were defined: Leaders – with a personal style, Investment & Pension – the best route to yields and confidence (with additional direct marketing to selected financial advisors in Austria), Selfness - the manager guide to personal happiness, Life & Style - how and where the big players enjoy their success.

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Print circulation: 41,000

Source: ÖAK annual average 2016

Distribution area: national

Frequency: 2 / year

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