The commitment of ‘Bezirksblätter' to offering readers precise information relating to their local area is just as great as that to supporting advertising customers in precisely targeted campaigns, whether for particular towns, districts or throughout the province. "At home where our readers feel at home", that's the recipe for success of the 'Bezirksblätter'.

A company of the 'Regionalmedien Austria AG' (joint venture of the 'Styria Media Group AG' and the 'Moser Holding AG').

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data & facts

Reach, print

Burgenland: 58,3 %

Niederösterreich: 48,0 %

Salzburg: 51,7 %

Tirol: 57,6 %

Source: Media-Analyse average 2020, based on readers per edition.

Frequency: weekly (We/Tu)

Reach, online

Burgenland: 188,000 unique users

Lower Austria: 608,000 unique users

Salzburg: 212,000 unique users

Tyrol: 305,000 unique users

Source: ÖWA Plus - 2019 IV Complete (Reach per month,


Bezirksblätter Burgenland

Managing Director

Walter Art


Christian Uchann


Bezirksblätter Niederösterreich

Managing Director

Ewald Schnell


Christian Trinkl


Bezirksblätter Salzburg

Managing Director

Michael Kretz


Julia Hettegger 


Bezirksblätter Tirol

Managing Director

Fredy Pfurtscheller

Gunther Sternagl


Sieghard Krabichler