Antenne Kärnten

[Antenne – always a hit ahead] is the established slogan expressing the true spirit of ‘Antenne' radio station with its aim, always to be a trendsetter – with non-stop smash hits, news always broadcast five minutes earlier, the fastest traffic news with the latest information on speed traps and – all in line with Styria's tradition – regional bulletins. A highly motivated team, creativity and advertising diversity make this colourful, refreshing listening experience perfect for Carinthians who enjoy top quality.

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data & facts

Number of listeners

Listeners: 125,000

Source: Radiotest GfK Austria GmbH, annual average 2019, day range 10+, Mo-Su, basis entire Austria

Reach online

Antenne's portals:,,,, und

Unique Visitors: 45,763

Visits: 122,445

Page Views: 360,801

Source: XITI Webanalytics Data - 2019


Managing director 

Gottfried Bichler

Authorized signatory

Walter Leirouz (Sales manager)

Timm Bodner (Creative director)

Listener Service


Antenne Kärnten
Regionalradio GmbH & Co KG
Hasnerstraße 2
A-9020 Klagenfurt
Tel +43 / 463 / 45 888 - 0
Fax +43 / 463 / 45 888 - 30909