An unfaltering new head of the ‘Kleine Zeitung' Carinthia

Antonia Gössinger, Chefredaktion Kleine Zeitung Kärnten


The ‘Kleine Zeitung' Carinthia remains in strong, female hands. Antonia Gössinger (56) will take over as the new Editor-in-Chief, replacing Eva Weissenberger who, as already announced, is leaving the ‘Kleine Zeitung' Carinthia.

"Antonia Gössinger , as one of this province's most respected voices in journalism, is taking over Carinthia's leading paper." was the enthusiastic comment by Markus Mair, Executive Chairman of Styria.

Gössinger is synonymous with straightforwardness, dauntlessness, courage and clarity. It was not by chance that the jury brought these virtues into the discussion, when they awarded this Carinthian journalist the Kurt Vorhofer prize, the greatest and most significant distinction for print journalism in Austria. Through her unfaltering and critical dealings with those in positions of power of all types, she has raised the standard of political culture in her home province. She brings together elevated social responsibility with acute stylistic and analytical precision.

Gössinger, honorary citizen of her home municipality of Liebenfels, has been a member of the Carinthian ‘Kleine Zeitung' editorial team since 1983. For many years she led the provincial political portfolio, till she ascended to become a member of the editorial management of the paper. She brought some spice to the paper through her weekly column [salt & pepper]. Amongst other things, the province can be grateful to her for uncovering the political party finance scandal in Carinthia years ago. During the era of Jörg Haider, Antonia Gössinger personified critical public dissent. The renowned Concordia prize in the category of press freedom, received by her together with editorial team early in 2013 at the Viennese parliament, served to confirm the value of her work in critical reportage.

For Hubert Patterer, responsible for the area of journalism on the executive board of the ‘Kleine Zeitung', the appointment of Antonia Gössinger as the new Editor-in-Chief embodies an article of faith: "She and her team stand for an open-minded, forward-looking Carinthia, a Carinthia that no longer evokes the spirits of the past but rather, following the distortions and destruction in politics and commerce, summons up a new, enduring idea, inspired by belief in the potential of the province lying at the intersection of three cultures. For this  intellectual and cultural project and under its new management, the paper seeks to be a forum, driving force and discussion partner."

As Editor-in-Chief, Gössinger will be flanked by a notable management team. Her deputy is Adolf Winkler (58), who also fulfilled this role previously. Winkler has led the economics portfolio of the ‘Kleine Zeitung' for many years and is Editor-in-Chief of the quarterly business magazine ‘Primus'. Born in the Drava valley area and trained in pedagogy, over recent years he has made a significant journalistic contribution to uncovering and reconstructing the multi-billion-euro disaster involving the Hypo Alpe Adria bank.

As members of the editorial management, Michael Sabath (57) and Uwe Sommersguter (44) will be strengthening the new multi-media processes and structures relating to integrated journalism. In order also to establish the younger, digitally inspired generation among the editorial management, Thomas Cik (31) will be appointed to the management committee as head of Villach city coverage.