In sports it’s usually all about speed; combined with skill, intelligence and passion. So it chimes well with SPORTaktiv when manager Alfred Brunner says: “We launched into this relatively fast and tackled our task.” The latter being a re-launch; from now on, SPORTaktiv is being published in a completely new layout and, at 236 pages, the biggest August issue ever, with an impressive circulation of 70,000 competing with some of Germany’s most renowned sports magazines. “The idea regarding a re-launch has been with us for many years. Currently the magazine business is undergoing a tough process of change. So the question was, do we want to carry on in the first league or drop out through being mediocre? Here we’re able to act from a position of strength,” is Brunner’s conviction. Because, since 2006, SPORTaktiv has tripled its revenue – “and done so in this challenging market environment.”
Once more Stefan Luckerbauer (Styria Media Design) acted as art director: “The time had come simply to try something new and to reflect about what would fit the magazine best. Then it was all about experimenting a bit.” Thus the main colour remains red and the cover is adapted to topics and seasons – the logo on the cover will stick out too by virtue of its flexibility. Brunner’s objective: “We’re aiming for the first league in the German-speaking magazine world!” 
All in all, according to Alfred Brunner, the re-launch for SPORTaktiv and Brunner’s team will be implemented in five steps and he calls it “the biggest quality-push in our magazine’s 17-year history.”

  1. Layout: “Here we’re embarking on radically new ways, also with our new team – and the new squad are pulling their weight. One essential element of the layout is how we’ve shown courage by reducing the text per page by a third. This is radical but was urgently needed. To date our layout was more like that of a newspaper; now it’s more airy, more attractive, with a new pictorial language and playing with fonts – each story is one of a kind. The reader notices how this is hand crafted.” 
  2. Format: “Here we reflected carefully. The format we chose, 210x270, is unique in Austria and has an American air to it.”
  3. Feel: “For the cover paper we followed the big trend toward matte paper. You could also say that matte is the new UV ink. We’re an active sports magazine with many topics focusing on outdoor sports activities – UV ink is very toxic and we deliberately wanted to refrain from using it.” 
  4. Inside: “The paper is slightly whiter and has a matte finish for increased readability. We got rid of the shine; it feels less slippery and conveys higher quality.” 
  5. Sales:We have a new partner on board – from now on we’ll be with the new Norway-based player “XXL Sports”, who’ll be opening up their first two branches in Vienna. Additionally we have long-standing sales collaborations with Intersport, SPORT 2000, Gigasport, top-100 bike shops , tobacconists, subscription shops at sports events and at sports hotels.” 

Follow this link to the e-paper edition of new SPORTaktiv.