24sata's spectacular re-invent

It's amazing what has happened on the platforms of Croatian STYRIA medium 24sata: They now appear in a new guise, with many promising features for users and advertisers.


They have undertaken a lot, colleagues from the 24sata editorial office, from Marketing and Sales Department, from Styria Digital Development and Styria IT Solutions - the result is a re-inventory of all platforms of 24sata.hr, which has already been the most attractive Croatian website so far - and it will probably be even stronger. Because: The newspaper has brought content diversity to an even higher visual level with several new digital article formats.

For example through new flash news, extensive feature pages, live broadcasts in the areas of sport and politics and much more. Photos from the in-house agency Pixsell will now come to the fore even more, because sometimes pictures can tell a story alone and without text. Also new: automatically generated title pages, for which algorithms find the best combination of the most read, highest quality and latest articles, with the emphasis on video content and a good mix for each user.

"In terms of technology, design, product and journalism, the 24sata reinvent is probably the culmination of our know-how, creativity and experience", says project manager Hrvoje Dorešić, who is sure: "This will certainly drive our business expectations for the next five years!"

The best comments become part of the content
More overview and the chance for readers to be prominently displayed with their comments: This is now also available on the website. 24sata has set itself the goal of involving users more and letting them interact, similar to social media. Because, according to the official tenor: "Without the stories of our readers, who send us photos, stories and videos every day, 24sata would not be what it is today."

From now on, all readers can subscribe to topics or keywords that interest them. When an article with this keyword is published, the user immediately receives a notification. The push notification system and article search have been improved and the applications with "lazy-load" architecture have been optimized. This allows even complex content to be loaded quickly and efficiently.

Dorešić is relieved, proud and also grateful on the occasion of the go-live: "I would like to thank all team members for their hard work and our project sponsors for their support over the past two years."