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As fast and versatile as the Internet, succinct and clear as an SMS, fascinating collections of images; there are many good reasons why the 24sata daily paper has risen to become the leading Croatian daily within just three years. Set within Mario Garcia's attractive, modern design, the young, innovative team has realised a completely new editorial concept without compare. With three regional offices (Split, Zadar, Osijek), proximity to both readers and events goes without saying, and 24sata.hr has settled in number one position among Croatian daily paper portals.

The 24sata Facebook page boasts hundreds of thousands of fans and the "Best Use of Facebook by a Newspaper" XMA Cross Media Award 2012. In addition, the news can also be accessed via apps. The quality of interaction with users was brought to a whole new level through the founding of the "Zona 24" community. In 2013 alone, two further new sites were launched: junior.24.sata.hr for the youngest readers and ljubimci.24sata.hr for animal lovers.

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Market share, print

Readers: 11,670

Source: MEDIApuls, 2nd half-year 2016

Distribution area: national

Frequency: daily (Mo-Su) 

Market share, online

Real Users: 1,475,418

Visits: 28,407,057

Page Impressions: 100,299,589

Source: GemiusAudience - 2nd half-year 2016


Managing director

Boris Trupcevic


Goran Gavranović


24sata d.o.o.
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