24sata - To number one in record time

24sata – a name that stands for a unique story of success. Just three years after it was launched, the newspaper – according to the number of readers as well as the number of sold copies – grew to become the leading Croatian daily newspaper. The young and very innovative 24sata team have managed, with a modern and attractive design is by the famous Mario Garcia, to realise a completely new editorial concept. It brings the most important features of modern media down to one, exceptionally exciting, common denominator. The daily aims to be as fast as the internet, as concise and clear as twitter message, and to create the impression of a fascinating world of ever more present digital photography. The result is a daily newspaper that is far ahead of its time but also ahead of its competition.

24sata.hr daily brings to its readers fast, clear, accurate and interesting information any time and wherever they may be. Since 2008 it has firmly held the position of the most visited Croatian daily newspaper portal. Apart from via the web site, 24sata.hr content can be viewed on the Facebook 24sata page, with more than 700,000 followers, and a mobile portal and applications.

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data & facts

Market share, print

Readers: 402.074

Reach: 11.9 % 

Source: MEDIApuls 2019

Distribution area: national

Frequency: daily (Mo-Su) 

Market share, online

Real Users: 1.929.111

Time spent: 18y:22d (daily average)

Source: GemiusAudience - 2019


Managing director

Zoran Turković


Goran Gavranović


24sata d.o.o.
Oreškovićeva 6H/1
HR-10 010 Zagreb
Tel +385 / 1 / 60 69-500
Fax +385 / 1 / 60 69-660