150 years of Styria Media Group

It was on 16/09/1869 that the Styria business was born, known today as Styria Media Group, a regional, national and international media concern.


That very day 150 years ago, on 16/09/1869, saw the foundation of the “Katholischer Pressverein” [Catholic Press Association] (today the “Katholischer Medien Verein” [Catholic Media Association]), which named its business “Styria”. In those times of a fundamental mood of cultural conflict, the initiators’ motivation was clearly defined. To offer resistance to this development and promulgate information through publication. Subsequently, through its newspapers, magazines and books, Styria contributed to the political and spiritual emancipation of a great many people. Political, societal, cultural and economic developments since the last third of the 19th century are particularly strongly reflected in the biography of the business. Today, Styria Media Group, with an executive board comprising Markus Mair (CEO), Kurt Kribitz and Bernhard Kiener, is Austria’s sole internationally active media concern, with media brands, digital marketplaces and service companies in Austria, Croatia and Slovenia, working with partners in Switzerland, Germany, Norway and Montenegro.


“Independence is the basis for enabling our media to fulfil their tasks, involving independent, correct and fair reporting, free of influence from the world of politics or any interest groups”, stated Dr. Othmar Ederer, the new chairman of the Catholic Media Association, during festivities last Friday in Graz.

The Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Styria, Dr. Friedrich Santner, commented “The proprietor’s representatives are not primarily focussed on financial success. In the foreground are orientation towards the intent of foundation and the sustained implementation of this intent according to societal, political or social context.”

“As a media concern, both in our day-to-day business and strategically, it is only natural for us to look far more ahead than back, recognising the signs of the times, grasping opportunities, there being no other possibility to keep on developing. Styria has never once stood still since 1869”, said Mag. Markus Mair, CEO. “Looking back over our first 150 years as a successful, international media group fills us with pride and joy, but above all with humility. Because we owe our thanks for this impressive jubilee to those many people before us, each of whom did the right thing at the right time. They recognised the signs of the times.”


Timed to coincide with the jubilee, Styria has documented the history of the business and its proprietors in an opulent book. “Styria. Medien. Menschen” [Styria.Media.People] contains not only the history but also a representative depiction of the corporate group in 2019 as well as essays by renowned authors giving insight and outlooks in topic areas of particular concern to the Styria media business. Among these, Peter Handke writes about the difference between journalistic and literary language, Valerie Fritsch on writing itself, German publisher Felicitas von Lovenberg about reading, archaeologist Sabine Ladstätter on origins and managing director of the Zukunftsinstitut, Harry Gatterer, about the future. (https://www.styriabooks.at/styria-medien-menschen) The book is now on sale.