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Founded in 1869, "Styria" is one of the leading Media Groups in Austria, Croatia and Slovenia. With roughly 2.900* employees altogether, the "Styria Media Group AG" generated a market turnover of 442 million Euros in 2013. Among other interests, ”Styria” owns 9 daily and over 20 weekly newspapers, numerous magazine and 6 book publishers, 2 radio stations and a share of a TV broadcaster. In the area of digital, the “Styria” Group operates 8 news portals, 6 marketplaces and over 20 content and community portals.

The "Styria" Group sees itself as a content company and regards production, selection, valuation, development and interpretation of content for different media products, as its main business. "Styria Media Group AG" manages these contents in the form of texts, graphics, pictures and sound.

Furthermore "Styria" dedicates much entrepreneurial attention to all those areas with a large significance to the success of the main areas of competence –with independence also in mind - such as newspaper print, logistics and information technology.

The regions of Styria and Carinthia are traditional principal markets, above all due to the unique success story of the “Kleine Zeitung” since its founding in 1904 but also due to the long-standing involvement of “Styria” in the regional weekly newspaper area and its leading role in the area of commercial radio. In Austria, "Styria" is strongly established and represented through the newspaper names “Die Presse”, “WirtschaftsBlatt” and “Die Furche”, by the magazine group “Styria Multi Media” and the fifty percent share in the weekly newspaper association “Regionalmedien (Regional Media) Austria”, by various book publishers as well as having shares in “tele” and “SAT 1 Österreich”. The news portals of the large newspaper brands, the “styria digital one” marketing unit, successful marketplaces like “” as well as numerous content and community portals like “” and “” complement the portfolio of “Styria” in the digital area within Austria..

In Croatia "Styria" is the sole shareholder of the traditional daily newspaper “Večernji list” and has launched the most successful newspaper in the country with the daily newspaper “24 sata”. "Styria's" portfolio also includes Croatia's first business daily newspaper “Poslovni dnevnik”, the largest TV magazine in the country “TV tjedan” and the search portal

In Slovenia, Styria is concentrating on expanding its digital market position. Styria is the market leader with the marketplace portal and the job portal The portfolio in Slovenia also includes the stake in the newsstand daily newspaper group "Dnevnik".

In Montenegro, “Styria Media Group AG” is present through a minority share in the media company “Daily Press d.o.o.”, which publishes "Vijesti", one of the leading newspapers in the country.

* The number of employees is presented proportionally according to the level of employment.

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