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ETM: Styria sends two new board members

Hans Grasser and Michael Tillian were appointed to board members at ET Multimedia AG. Both of them were introduced to the ETM employees on 1. August 2005. During this informative event, the Chairman of the Board of Styria Medien AG Horst Pirker explained the strategic objectives and the planned further proceedings. Along side Gasser and Tillian, Chris Radda and Dieter Seidl are also members of the board.

“On account of this, we are fulfilling our announcement about taking over the operative management of ET Multimedia AG”, Styria Board Chairman Horst Pirker said. As a result of Styria´s involvement in increasing their shares to more than 80 per cent and the take over of the operative management by Austria´s second largest magazine group, which also holds 50 per cent of the Wirtschaftsblatt AG, the entrepreneurial development of the ETM AG should be secure and the publishing group will be further extended, step by step. The Styria Medien AG is therefore continuing its constant strategic expansion in Austria.

Hans Gasser (55) is one of Austria´s renowned media managers with an international background. Following his doctorate in communication studies, he began his career in Vienna at the daily newspaper Die Presse and between 1979 and 1991 he was working for the Kleinen Zeitung in various managerial positions. In 1992 Gasser went to Germany to the publishing group Georg von Holtzbrinck, then he later moved on to the Münchener Zeitungsverlag and from 2001 until 2004 he was at the Süddeutschen Verlag, where as manager of the Süddeutschen Zeitung he was responsible for the successful restructuring of the newspaper section. Until May 2005 Hans Gasser led the project “24 sata” for Styria, as a self-employed adviser. This included the development and launch of a completely new type of daily newspaper, which immediately seized the top position on the Croatian market. Now the media manager returns to Austria and Styria after 14 years in Germany.

Michael Tillian (31) was the project leader for the board of management projects in Styria Medien AG and amongst other things, was responsible for facilitating the acquisition of a majority shareholding in ET Multimedia AG as well as their integration within the Styria Concern. The young jurist completed his doctorate degree in law with distinction in Innsbruck and Saarbrücken in the year 2000. He then went on to gather experience in the law courts as well as in a notary in the European Parliament in Brussels and in 2001 he was already working in the Centre of Excellence for Legal Affairs as well as being the assistant to the Chairman of the Board at Styria Medien AG. Michael Tillian gained further experience in Vienna in the economic law offices of Denk & Kaufmann, where he also completed his training to become a lawyer which he concluded with distinction. Michael Tillian is among those at Styria Medien AG with “high potential” and has already manifested considerable successes. These include the entry of Styria into the ET Multimedia AG and in addition to other strategic corporate projects, one of the largest transactions in the business history of Styria, the sale of their shares in the Croatian Mobilkom subsidiary VIP-Net.

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