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News from the Styria Media Group AG

26. September 2012
Media Center Graz will be built
Development plan and building permit are legally valid – the Styria is looking forward to the “Media Center Graz” in Conrad-von-Hötzendorf-Straße. [ further ]

17. August 2012
Jens Tiedemann new Head of Corporate Communications of the Styria Media Group AG
As of September 1, Dipl.-Oec. Jens Tiedemann (40) will be Head of Corporate Communications of the Styria Media Group AG in Graz. He succeeds Mag. Birgit Hübler, who from October 1, will be on an educational leave. [ further ]

6. August 2012
Klaus Schauer and Stefan Lassnig new board of the RMA
As of October 1, 2012 Klaus Schauer and Stefan Lassnig will form the new board of the RMA. The new leadership duo takes over from the former board members Michael Tillian, who as of October will assume the chairmanship of the executive management of the Styria daily newspapers "Die Presse" and the "WirtschaftsBlatt" and Werner Herics, who will change his professional orientation. [ further ]

24. May 2012
New top management team in Croatia
By June 1st the management of the Styria brands in Croatia will be newly formed: Jasna Zemljic will withdraw from the board and start her baby break in July. Mario Vrgoc will therefore join Boris Trupcevic at the top management level of Styria in Croatia. [ further ]

10. April 2012
Walter Walzl leaves “Kleine Zeitung“, Dietmar Zikulnig is appointed as his successor
Walter Walzl leaves the management of “Kleine Zeitung“ at his own request by 30 September 2012. Dietmar Zikulnig is appointed to the management with immediate effect. [ further ]

22. March 2012
Organization and responsibilities for the new Styria Digital team specified
Styria Digital starts with a new structure and a strong management team into the new digital era of Styria. [ further ]

14. March 2012
Changes in Žurnal Media's management team
By mid of March, Žurnal Media will be operated by a new management team: Georg Doppelhofer, who is working for Žurnal Media since 2009 and is part of the management team since end of 2010, will head the new setup. [ further ]

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