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A newspaper for everyone? In the media business this is regarded as the famous squaring of the circle. However it exists – above all in modern layout, manageable format, independence, credibility and constantly the most current. The Slovenian daily newspaper "Dnevnik" actually reaches the widest public. Its readers are spread evenly across every age group, level of education, interest and consumer groups. The "Dnevnik" is read by men and women, young and old, employed and unemployed, politicians, business people as well as pupils and students, by people from all social classes. The journalistic way which was able to bring so many different interests under one roof: Day after day an extensive and excellently investigated overview about the most important occurrences in the country, intelligent and often very critical comments as well as a far reaching information service. There is simply something in it for everyone.

Numbers   Facts
Readers (NRB, 2011) 117.000
Range (NRB, 2011) 6,8 %
Printed Copies (RPN, 7-9/2011) 46.260
Sold Copies (RPN, 7-9/2011) 37.194
Published: daily
First Edition: 2 July 1951 (Originated from the local newspaper "Ljubljanski Dnevnik")
Deusch English Hrvatski Slovenscina
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