Johann Steinböck
Master of ceremonies

Johann Steinböck joined the sales department of the "Kleine Zeitung" in 1958. In 1965 he became Head of Sales and during this time he introduced the idea of the “Silent Salesman” (newspaper dispensers), before taking over in 1972 as head of the bookshop professional group. In the following year he was appointed to director of his professional group which included the bookshops in Graz, Vienna, Klagenfurt, Villach, Knittelfeld and Judenburg. In addition, Hans Steinböck was responsible for the Art trade and Gallery Moser as well as for the book market. The “Austrian Book Bazar” held on the main square of Graz was also founded by him.

He was substantially involved in the Styrian and Austrian Catholic Day in 1981 and 1983. At the “Kleinen Zeitung Faschingsumzug” (Shrovetide carnival) he participated from the very beginning and at the various “Styria” celebrations he gladly took the role of master of ceremonies.

Hans Steinböck distinguished himself above all through his “unconditional willingness” and organization of “celebrations with heart and personal culture”, summed up Hans Sassmann Styria General Director at that time, on the occasion of Steinböcks´ 50th birthday. For Hans Steinböck, organizing was a life element and he handled with imagination and new ideas. Last but not least, say Sassmann further, he was an advocate for his employees and a person who saw more in a book than just a commodity.

However even the most active employee retires at some point: after 35 years of service Johann Steinböck went into retirement in 1993.