Die Furche
Zeitschriften-Betriebsgesellschaft m.b.H. & Co KG

An Open-minded and Qualified Breadth of Expansion
"Die Furche" (Furrow), Austria`s only national quality weekly newspaper, discusses the essential questions of present time in a demandingly intellectual manner. It offers information, analysis and background on explosive subject matter at a high standard of journalism and digs a furrow through intellectual thoughts in Austria. The paper sees itself as a forum for the widest possible critical debates, but also includes its own incisive position in public talks. With this in mind, they want to achieve a weekly contribution to future orientation, beliefs and trade. "Die Furche" does not belong to the compulsory programme of obtaining quick information, but to the open-minded section to broaden the expanse of a qualified way of thinking.


Zahlen Fakten
Printed Copies ├ľAK, 1-6/2012) 17.577
Format  300 x 450 mm
Published: weekly (Thu)

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Dr. Friedrich Funder
1976 "Styria" acquired majority interest at "Furche"