WOCHE Südweststeiermark
Wochenzeitungs GmbH Steiermark

Set in a Particular Groove
The southern and western areas of Styria show themselves at their best. Schilcher, pumpkins and wine ripen and mature here, as they are nearer the sun than most other good wines. The world-famous Lipizzaner horses gallop here and many plates of varied meats and cheeses taste better here, rather than anywhere else. Therefore, there also has to be a successful weekly newspaper like the "WOCHE Südweststeiermark", with exceptional journalists cut in a certain groove! The paper is more than a local chronicler and more than a reliable partner in matters such as information and the advertising business world. It critically and committedly discusses time after time, the key issues and future-orientated questions of the region. The successful balance makes it possible to value the "WOCHE Südweststeiermark" to a great extent.



Zahlen Fakten
Printed Copies ÖAK, 7-12/2011) Woche Stmk: 505.365
Readers (Regioprint 2010) Woche Stmk: 563.000
Range (Regioprint 2010) Woche Stmk: 54 %
Format  230 x 300 mm

Published: weekly (Thu)

Areas of Circulation:
Leibnitz, Deutschlandsberg, Voitsberg

First issue:
Since 2002 by "Styria"

A company of „Regionalmedien Austria AG
” (Joint venture between „Styria Media Group AG” and „Moser Holding AG”).