Slovenia's leading online classifieds service

Since 1999 has been a hub of supply and demand on Slovenian market of goods and services, both new and used. The service it provides is a vital part of the internet for Slovenia; a part of Slovenian online tradition. is and will remain the biggest and most trustworthy source for online classifieds, helping users find, buy, or sell new and used goods and services. It offers individuals, businesses, and advertisers a great business model, and provides excellent user experience, as well as friendly and effective service.

Independently conducted monthly Online Audience Measurement (MOSS) studies confirm that has been among the most visited Slovenian websites for a long time now. Furthermore, is the only website in this group that is not a news site or a search engine. Its function as an intermediary between satisfied buyers and sellers is the source of its unique commercial character and the assurance of its users’ loyalty.

Zahlen Fakten
Range (MOSS 1/2013) 35,7 %
Unique User (Xiti, 1/2013) 1321827
Page Impressions (Xiti 1/2013) 116.297.645

• Number 1 in online audience among sources of online classifieds in Slovenia
• Number 1 in number of classified ads in Slovenia
• Among the top 5 most visited websites in Slovenia
• The average visit to lasts an above average amount of time, more than 36 minutes (Xiti 1/2013)
• has the biggest database of registered users’ email addresses in Slovenia (500.000 email addresses)